Nicole Larson's   Wildlife Art
Nicole has had a passion for painting all of her life. from a very young age, she spent a ton of time drawing and her main subject was wildlife and animals of all kinds.
Nicole never pursued art college and went through independant study while in high school so everything she has learned is self- taught- just like her hunting. 
Nicole Began painting turkey feathers in 2007 when a friend told her she should try and paint on them. It was a challenge at first, but once Nicole developed her own techniques for painting on this moving and fragile canvas- she began to sell them as quickly as she painted them.  Hunting Turkeys took on a whole new meaning- she now hunts only the biggest Toms she can find- for the tail feathers are usually large and beautiful for her paintings. Nicole takes on feather orders daily- and she stays busy with them year round on top of her full time job and of course, Field of Dreams TV!

Nicole has painted anything from Dogs, and horses to cars on feathers. Whatever it may be Nicole will be willing to paint if for you.  

Feather Paintings are done on a limited basis every year. Nicole Typically has a 4 month waiting list, but it is worth the wait. 
A feather typically takes anywhere from 5-10 hours to complete.  Feathers will come to you framed in an unfinished "rustic" pine or cedar shadow box frame, unless discussed otherwise additional cost will be included in final price of feather. Feathers are framed with a colored matte backing (color of your choice) and include a hanger. The shadowboxes have standard glass, with UV protection. 

The cost for a Large tail feather, custom rustic shadow box Frame included, starts at $225.00 This price includes sales tax and shipping. 
The cost for a medium tail feather, custom rustic shadowbox frame included, starts at $185.00 price includes sales tax and shipping.
The cost for a small covert feather, custom rustic shadow box frame included, starts at $105.00  price includes sales tax and shipping. 

** we do accept paypal, my address is whitetailstudios@gmail.com to send payment, if purchasing a feather online or from FB please send a deposit of 50.00 per feather asap as i will NOT hold feathers.

**Sales tax is 6.87% for MN residents 

Refer a friend to buy a feather for 20.00 off each of your orders ! (orders placed at same time)
** see examples below
You can either send her your very own feathers, or she will paint on one of her own hand picked, turkey feathers from a bird that she has personally harvested. Along with a special story on the particular bird that the feather came from when you recieve the painting. 
If youre interested in purchasing a feather from Nicole, please email her directly -whitetailstudios@gmail.com you can be placed on the waiting list and Nicole will discuss details, such as photo needs and framing when you contact her.  Payments can be via paypal or personal check, please email for payment details along with the request of what you would like painted. Please be patient as it can take a few days for a response with the amount of emails we recieve. 
feathers come framed in custom shadow boxes. each box is made special for each feather, they are made from rough pine or cedar- unfinished. they can be stained or different wood can be used upon request, discuss price differences ect.
feathers are back-matted with whatever colors Nicole sees fit, unless you have a preference please specify. if you would like an upgraded frame, for example, Cherry or walnut- they are available for additonal cost. if you would rather frame your own feather the cost of the feather minus 25.00 will be final price.
**PLEASE NOTE: we try our best to ship unframed feathers safely and place them in a secure shipping container, but once they are shipped we cannot guarantee against damage to the painting so this is not recommended.

PLEASE NOTE: a 50.00 non refundable deposit is required on each feather for custom order or to hold one. I will not hold a feather without a deposit because of the large volume of requests. first come first serve for the feathers that are available online. send deposit either via paypal to whitetailstudios@gmail.com or if sending a personal check please send a photo along with an email verifying that you have sent the check. the address for personal checks is :

Nicole Larson 
40911 county highway 16
Battle Lake MN 56515

* if you decide for whatever reason that you would no longer like a feather and ive already started on the project you WILL NOT be refunded the deposit and could be charged for my time as well. please be aware my waiting list is tenative and orders ahead of you can and will change and that can add more time to the wait list. im very much a perfectionist and will not be rushed. thank you for understanding. 
If you have questions regarding Donations, please ask. Nicole will not donate originals but can usually do a 50/50 split with a minimum reserve on Prints. Feathers will not be donated as they are original works of art unless discussed.
the photo pictured above is a covert feather, considered "small" feathers that are typically smaller than the palm of your hand and have lots of character such as different colored tips and metallic shades that vary greatly depending on the bird. each feather is so unique and different just as the paintings on them! Paintings on Coverts are usually "simple" without a ton of detail due to their small size, so simple logos are great for coverts:)
Large tail feathers are a favorite among art collectors. 
Large feathers have lots of detail, not to mention they are about 14" long and have a ton of beautiful contrasted colors. They have color variations just like the other feathers and depend on the species of Bird harvested. You can have a very light colored feather from a Merriam's Turkey or the dark rusty red (like these two shown) from an Eastern Wild Turkey. Each feather is carefully hand picked and painted by Nicole, she prefers to use her own feathers but will gladly paint on one of yours! 
Nicole has about 10 hours into one of these feathers. They are mounted in a shadowbox frame and appear to hover within the frame. Feathers are sealed to prevent any damage to the feathers. 

Past works by Nicole

  1. Ottertail MN buck
  2. Donated feather
  3. a favorite.... Turkey on a Turkey feather
  4. Painting a drop tine buck for a friend in WI
  5. Sunset buck painting
  6. detail up close
  7. most challenging painting ever, a pheasant fan!!
  8. chasin' tail painting
  9. just finished
  10. pheasant fan
  11. labradoodle
  12. walleye on a feather
  13. donation feather
  14. IMG_3936
  15. rich culture, one of my first paintings of a person ever. def. not my favorite thing to do.
  16. IMG_3927
  17. Bighorn sheep
  18. LAB PUP


  1. Puppy on a Covert feather
  2. Logo design on a feather "set"
  3. Buck in the studio, long ways to go but its a start!
  4. Friend's Logo on an eastern feather
  5. Dog on a small covert feather
  6. GO MN WILD!!
  7. Painting the detail on a tail feather from Michigan!
  8. detail on a Lab on a full fan!
  9. German Shorthairs on tail feathers!
  10. mini lab covert painting framed example
  11. drop tine buck on a full tail feather!
  12. Dog painting on a small covert framed!
  13. whitetail buck in Progress!
  14. One of my faves a Lab and woodie on a full tail feather
  15. Beagle!
  16. droptine buck up close
  17. a whole collection before finishing and framing...
  18. closer look at these beauties
  19. DROP TINE!
  20. locked and loaded pointer w quail.
  21. some of my very first feathers, still special to me:)
  22. small pheasant feather for Pheasants Forever Banquet
  23. detail on yellow lab painted on a full fan!
  24. full view of the fan i painted while ice fishing on LOW in 2012

Current waiting list is into September. Please contact Nicole Whitetailstudios@gmail.com to be placed on our waiting list for 2017      
**waiting list wait times vary greatly and can take several weeks or longer to complete once started, thank you for your patience!!

more examples of my work below
please note in some of the images, feathers are split, this -unfortunately is part of the process,
feathers are a natural canvas and therefore they are unpredictable and each one is different. 
some are brighter than others, no color patterns are the same. i think it all adds to the uniquness of 
each piece. theres no guarantee that this will not happen to your piece, but if its beyond what looks good,
i will end up re doing the painting and it could take a little longer. 
ahhh the joys of feather painting!